video production

The various projects that Mishap has done over the years range from television commercials to short documentaries, industrial safety and product launch videos. Our projects have allowed Mishap to travel around the US and parts of Europe.

Take a moment to view some of our client work.

Utah Summer Games SWATC WECCO
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6 years of photo experience, and it just never seems like enough. Always new techniques, net this and new that. Either way Mishap loves the creative outlet of photography.

Our photography consists of client shots and personal work. Mishap has covered industrial, State Parks, lifestyle, and much more.

Check out a few of the shots.

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interactive development

Developing in the interactive field has been fun and exciting, especially with so many new developments. For example, the iPad and iPhone platforms have been a great way to offer many different methods of interaction with a wide impact on a world scale.

Mishap has had the opportunity to develop for Apple devices. On a larger scale, Mishap has developed projects for National Parks, local museums, universities, and more.

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other creative services

For many years Mishap Studios has had the great pleasure of doing many fun projects in the creative industry. So as to not forget any of the fun and enjoyable creative services... here's the rest, unless we find something else that's really fun to do.

Graphic Design
- Layout
- Print
- Video
- 2D
- Flash
- Video
3D Animation and Modeling
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