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Humanity began as the human brain attained a level of intelligence that allowed the evolution of the humanities and the desire to pursue science and an understanding of the laws of phsics that control this mysterious all encompassing infinite energy field,that we all call home. 

The purpose is to shine a light of reality on an all encompassing fluctuating INFINITE ENERGY FIELD that evolved Homo sapient with a brain that is a singularity of this infinite FIELD OF ENERGY that encompasses humankind. The complexity and potential of this brain is beyond human imagination and comprehension. Humankind is well aware that this human brain is a freak of nature capable of extreme positive and negative behavior. Humankind primitive tribes are unevenly merging into a world of science and technology from a past of gods and demons. Presently, humankind lives in a state of anxiety, conflict, and chaos. This state will continue until all tribes resolve the extreme differences that divide tribes and merge to a common view that allows a moderate society free from extreme negative behavior. 

Humankind must agree that basic facts must be realized in order to reach a level of enlightment that allows civilization to provide a moderate universal form of government that allows all individuals an opportunity to pursue paths that allow productive natural lives free from extreme fear, conflict, and chaos. The following facts are based on scientific studies validated by world scientists test results. Humans committed to acting on the following facts have an opportunity to pursue a moderate reality based life of independence free from the dark side of human nature. Knowledge of human history has no value without the knowledge of the biology that evolved microbes to become Homo sapient with a brain that evolved like a spiders web. Out history shows a struggle to rise above conflict and chaos. We have yet to achieve a level of enlightenment that permits living lives based on innate principles that minimize conflict and chaos. Humankind has the knowledge and material resources necessary to meet all human expectations. Even in this world of continuous conflict and chaos humans can still chose to set aside primitive differences and attain a level of civility that allows world families to live free and peaceful lives.

The purpose of this document is to enhance the state of of all life and preserve a planet that allows life to flourish. Success is dependent on recognizing those differences that divide families, states, nations, and religions. Even beyond this, differences in cultures, races, and partisan political parties compound the challenges facing already dysfunctional nations. As bad as this looks, United States Citizens, uninformed of their Constitution rights and responsibilities, watch as their partisan and destructive political parties, step by step, rip apart the fabric of the Constitution, it's principles, and citizen self-respect. Today, dispirited United States Citizens ask what must we do to become relevant and capable of protecting the welfare of ourselves and our children. This is the question I ask myself. The following Chapters identifies the step by step process I followed-in an attempt to inform myself. It's not the only way. It's unfinished and requires citizens participation. Hopefully, many enlightened world citizens will strive to develop a better way.
First, let me state what I, a secular being, believe in and support. I believe in a Constitution designed to free all world citizens, if followed, from the tyranny of oppressive leaders. World wise Founding Fathers, knowledgeable of past primitive decadent governments, designed it. Thirteen colonies ratified it. It became the United States law of the land. This Constitution provided a foundation from which sprung the greatest economic and military nation the world has ever known.
Unfortunately, the true value of the United States Constitution was dead on arrival. Citizens knowledgeable and dedicated to their Constitutional responsibilities may have been seen as a threat to partisan political parties, economic, military, and religious leaders power and  control. Also, it is reasonable to believe that citizens refuse to accept any responsibility or accountability for their Constitution. Our State of the Union validates that. Leaders may also have decided citizens were incapable of fulfilling their responsibilities. Whatever the reason, the Constitution and implied principles were declared unsuitable for America's high school and college comprehensive studies. Today, national leaders recognize they have an uncontrollable divided and extremist electorate. The electorate demonstrate their contempt for both political parties with an extremely low approval rate (15-20 percent?). Secular and Christian citizens live in an environment that refuses to allow any form of unity that would allow citizen enlightenment, ability, and accountability for the future of themselves and their children. Until that happens national and global corporations, supported by partisan political parties and elected leaders, willl be the law of the land. The Constitution, God, and principles are rapidly moving to the back of the bus. Citizen anxiety, despair, and stress is peaking as an exploding and uncontrollable technological fututure rushes toward them.
Today, United States Citizens realize their dream of security, in a safe environment, is slipping away. This dream is only possible if citizens are willing to embrace proactive steps such as the following:
First, the United States Constitution is the most advanced form of government the world has ever known.  Each nation must follow their own vision of a Constitution. This Constitution, if followed, provides the ultimate foundation for any nation seeking escape from the conflict and chaos driven by a human specie that clings to primitive differences that divide. These differences deny the basic principles established by enlightened past founders of all nations.
Second, the United States Constitution became the law of the land because James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay wrote a series of essays, eighty-five, known as The Federalist Papers. These essays established insight and understanding of the balance of power provided by the Constitution. The checks and balances defined by the Constitution, if followed, limits extremism by partisan political and religious parties.
Third, Neither the Constitution or The Federalist Papers have any value if United States and all nations fail to educate their youth and make them a significant part of every stage of life. Not even this will satisfy if the adult world cannot adhere to Constitution requirements and principles. Citizens that ask "what can I do to hold my government accountable?" must first acquaint themselves with these documents and issues of concern and be prepared to stand face to face with their leaders and intelligently discuss issues--identify solutions--hold each other accountable--and support.
Forth, What are these differences that drive challenges beyond world nations, United States included, capability to recognize, manage, and resolve? Here, in a rough order of magnitude, are a few: First, the innate dark side of human nature. Unlike normal animals, humans break every boundary for extreme decadence and exceptional enlightenment. Both extremes can exist in each of us. The United States Constitution was designed, by the Founding Fathers, to limit extreme decadence. Human behavior shows us that neither the Constitution or God has succeeded in limiting the dark side of extreme human behavior. Human lust for self-gratification trumps the Constitution and God. Second, the long held concept that God created evil in order to judge each humans willingness to have faith, worship, build temples, and follow all Christian rituals fails to meet any concept of reason. A search of the Internet shows 1,970,000 religious comments concerning God's intentions and expectations for humans. Fifth, portraying God in this manner contradicts the very human image of an all powerful God that created the universe and all life. It's illogical to imagine God as needy and desperately seeking to be reassured-that's the human ego seeking power and imortality for selfish reasons. Historically, science is the enemy of religion. Sixth, Citizens can't expect or demand respect if they are ignorant of their own government, social issues, and critical challenges that threaten their existence. When world citizens fail to be in harmony with their environment, physical, and spiritual needs their world darkens rapidly.
Knowing the State of the human race requires an understanding of how life evolved out of an infinite energy field that generated universe(s), each composed of  solar systems, one of which evolved planet earth, and over time evolved life as it exists today. Life on planet earth evolved many species, one of which we call animal. One advanced specie of animal advanced and rapidly formed tribes that migrated to remote corners of the world. As each tribe sensed mortality it began to ask, "why do I exist". This question leads each tribe, unknown to one another, to create imaginary gods to protect them from a frightening environment. Over time, tribes became nations and religious institutions replaced tribal imaginary gods with new and real Gods, as defined by differing religious institutions. These conditions set the stage for the conflict and chaos that exists to this day.
Freedom, prosperity, and peace advanced when thirteen colonies, on a virgin continent, formed a United States that founded a Constitution, that was to become a beacon of light that all world nations could follow. Federalist Papers, written by Hamilton, Jay, and Madison, provide insight to what the Founding Fathers intended. The intent of the Founding Fathers Constitution was abandoned before the ink on the Constitution was dry. Abandonment  of the Constitution has now reached epic proportions. Today, our nation is dysfunctional. A majority of citizens yielded their rights and responsibilities to partisan political parties funded and controlled by national and international conglomerates.
The common welfare of United States Citizens was willfully abandoned by government and religious leaders, with secular and Christian citizen support. The purpose being to escape daunting constitutional responsibilities and accountability. All chose an easier path. That easier path brought critical consequences. It assured the collapse of basic principles and common civility. Now, mutual distrust and contempt permeates all society. Now, we acknowledge our concern for the future. yet, lack the courage, unity, and  will to act in our own, or our children's, best interest. Now, we must attain the education, experience, and the will to attain a moderate self-sustaining global civiliztion that lasts so long as our planet sustains life. That's known as enlightenment.
Let's start at the beginning: The welfare of the human race requires an understanding of how life evolved from an infinite energy field, origin unknown. Universe(s), each composed of  solar systems, one of which evolved planet earth. Life on planet earth evolved a specie we call Homo sapient(animal). This advanced specie of animal multiplied rapidly and formed tribes that migrated to remote corners of the world. As each tribe. unknown to one another, sensed mortality it began to ask, "why do I exist". This question led each tribe to create imaginary gods. Religious and secular differences set the stage for the conflict and chaos that exists to this day.
Human DNA demands that we continue to strive for goals that exceed current human enlightenment. In my limited capacity I chose to start the enlightenment process by concentrating on the evolution of the human race. I was fortunate in finding a set of software called Drupal and used this program to establish a Website I call civilizationascent.org. By using the Internet I tapped into a vast reservoir of knowledge. I began with a study of enlightenment. I quickly found I lacked a foundation in grammar, basic writing ability, ignorance of the Constitution and the Journalist Papers, and the ability to grasp and retain basic concepts. Given these conditions I developed a table of contents with chapters that began with basic enlightenment. With this concept I began with small steps and developed the following Table of Contents:


Chapter One-Enlightenment
Chapter Two-Meeting Expectations
Chapter Three-Recognizing Boundaries
Chapter Four-Balancing World Societies With Technology
Chapter Five-Twenty First Century Mythology
Chapter Six-A Process For United States and World Citizen Empowerment 
Chapter Seven-United States Mission Statement
Chapter Eight-Universal Mission Statement
Chapter Nine-World Nations Transition To Twenty First Century Constitutional Republic Forms Of Government 
Chapter Ten-The Future of Civilization

Another purpose of this Website is to use Enlightenment to build a bridge to the future. Enlightened citizens using their innate reasoning can shape their relationship to the universe, planet, and all life. These innate qualities include reason, curiosity, survival instincts, and many others. The continued use and enrichment of these innate qualities is dependent on the environment each are exposed too. The human goal is to enrich innate qualities thru education, experience, and Enlightenment. Unfortunately, human nature is susceptible to allowing governments, political parties, religious institutions, and many other special interests control their lives. Humans find that delegating their independence, responsibility, and spirituality to special interests is a far easier and rewarding path. This allows an easier and irresponsible life style. They no longer require reasoning, responsibility, and independence of thought and action. Therefore, government grows increasingly powerful, religious institutions make all the rules, and special interests control citizen education, income, and media. Citizens gradually become addicted, powerless, and dependent on the government and special interests.

This document suggests a bridge that all humans can understand. Citizens can begin to build a world society that reflects the true potential of the human race. Spirituality and morality is innate in humans. These innate gifts, in all humans, are recognized in a variety of forms that manifest how we each live and treat one another. Deities are recognized and acknowledged by many humans. Many acknowledge deities based on doctrine, rituals, and commandments passed down over centuries by word of mouth. Others recognize deities thru the wonders of the universe and a planet teeming with life of infinite form and beauty. For secularist and worshipers to succeed they must unite around common goals that are attainable. Neither can succeed without the help and understanding of the other. Each show reverence in their own way. All are equal. Tolerance and understanding must be exercised if world nations are to succeed in bringing peace among nations.

To do any less portrays humans to be a freak of nature and a blight on an otherwise phenomenal planet. This document seeks to define a world path by which all humans can succeed. Human nature varies from dark to light and requires a form of government that protects humans from the dark side of their nature. All animals with the exception of Homo sapient (humans), are Transparent to Transcendence. Humans are rarely, if ever, Transparent to Transcendence. Transcendence is a presence and quality way of life that reflects an independent and reasoning human being at peace with his relationship to the environment and accepting of his responsibilities and role as a provider and caretaker of his family, fellow humans, and government. 



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