This body of work recognizes the United States Founding Father’s creation of the United States Constitution. This Constitution brought the promise of freedom, prosperity, and peace. By following this form of government the United States became the most powerful economic and military power the world has ever known. This constitutional republic form of government is open to all world nations seeking freedom, prosperity, and peace. The Founding Fathers cautioned that failure to maintain constitutional republic principles would weaken and eventually threaten citizen freedom, prosperity, and peace. Their fear has been realized. The United States Government and citizens chose, and continues to follow, a divisive path of political partisanship, declining principles, moral decay, and apathy. This path renders this nation dysfunctional and in violation of innate human morality, fiscally irresponsible, and non-compliant to the intent and principles of the Constitution.

The Founding Fathers anticipated and hoped that a United States Constitutional Republic would spread to world nations and achieve world freedom, prosperity, and peace for all world citizens. That hope has been shattered and it will be difficult to recover. Capable and responsible citizens, independent of partisan political parties and special interests, are morally responsible to step out of the shadows and return the nation to a principled and functional constitutional republic form of government.

In support of twenty first century youth, enlightened and capable citizens are urged to take the initiative necessary to meet critical social and environmental challenges that threaten the welfare of all world citizens. Enlightened (see Chapter One, Enlightenment) citizens of all world nations, working together, are necessary if we are to meet critical human and environmental challenges. This union requires unified nations working together to establish functional governments that can pool human and natural resources and establish those constitutions, mission statements, policies, and goals necessary to meet near and long term challenges. Each nation’s future is dependent on establishing and maintaining healthy societies that are dedicated to preserving an environment that allows quality lives. Citizens must gain the maturity to leave social, cultural, and biblical rivalries behind and achieve a level of spirituality and tolerance that allows all world citizens to live positive lives.This book is dedicated to all world youth who must become enlightened, rise above cultural differences, partisan politics, religious rivalries, the bigotry of past generations, and join together to forge a future that meets their needs and the needs of future generations.



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