Chapter Two - Meeting Expectations



Hurt People Hurt People:

Since humans first awakening, religious institutions faith in God strives to slow advances in science. Science continues to endlessly search for the true origin of the universe, planet, and life. Christian belief in immortality versus those who believe in mortal life drives extreme differences that foster hurt between religions, tribes, and nations that struggle to attain a civilization that can coexist together without extreme hate and conflict. Those knowing they are immortal have no reason to fear, while those believing they are mortal may have a different view of how they live life at this moment in time. How humans view life may make it difficult to reconcile differences in human behavior. 

Humans that inflict hurt face being hurt in return. In this world we face all degrees of hurt. Hurt creates backlash that inflicts additional hurt and conflict in return. Animal species, with the exception of Homo sapient , live in harmony with nature while nurturing and teaching, by example, their young to survive in a strange and dangerous environment. Unlike natural animals, humans tolerate and participate in planning and creating social environments that promote and tolerate extreme behavior that hurt tribes, nations, and families. The ravages of intentional hurt, violence, and hate overwhelm the Creators best intentions, Constitutional Laws and Principles, and Human Reasoning. All societies around the world witness human suffering from exploding drugs-alcohol-pedophilia-pornography and all other vices that create a deadly environment for our young people and ourselves. Humanity continues to sink to the deepest depravity ever imagined, while at the same time reaching magnificent highs in all other fields of science and art. 

Homo sapient emerged from the animal species because their brain evolved to a stage that allowed achieving the vibrant, enlightening, and frightening human environment we live in today. A beacon of light and sanity did occur in the Seventeeth Century when thirteen North American Colonies radified a Constitution that, if followed, would have been a standard for all nations. Unfortunately, United States leaders and citizens found the Constitution required a level of commitment Christions and non-believers were not capable of delivering. Instead, they picked the path we are on today. The United States and the world has reached a tipping point that requires a new path if we are to cease the extreme hurt taking pleace today. We require a path that resolves critical differences between tribes, nations, and religious institutions and unites all under one universal constitutional republic form of government that protects all people from the govenment and the government from the people with checks and balances that limits extreme destructive behavior and this cycle of hurt we now exist in.
Expectations assume something will happen based on it happening many times before. Humans, believing the sun will come up tomorrow is one example. All non-human animals have innate expectations that guide their natural behavior. Humans are not natural or predictable. But, they can be led to servitude by leaders that promise physical and spiritual security in exchange for citizen submission to their will. Therefore, subserviant humans continue to live in servitude. Immigrants to a virgin land mass realized they were independent and free to provide for themselves. They wanted to keep it that way. Founding Fathers created an amazing Constitution that, when followed, guarantees citizen empowerment and freedom, prosperity, and peace. This constitutional republic form of government was expected to spread across the world and free all humans forever. Sadly, over decades, United States Citizens freely gave, perhaps unknowningly, their Constitution responsibilities to the states, Congress, President, and partisan political parties. Relieved of their Constitution responsibilities, citizens transitioned back into servitude and dependence on partisan political parties that now hold all power and distributes it to those special interests that keep them in power. You know the rest of the story.

United States Expectations:

The  United States can still be that beacon of light and hope that is desperately needed by all nations. The United States can lead the way back to a Constitution designed to be the bedrock foundation of any nation seeking to establish a form of government that minimizes the harm driven by the dark side of primitive tribes seeking to escape a history of barbaric behavior. World citizens are realizing they must shed their primitive tribal behavior and transition to an enlightened frame of mind that has expectations leading too a higher quality of life. The past can't be changed. The future can be--provided we have the desire and will to limit the dark side of himan nature by embracing constitutional law. 

United States and world citizens must addresses one fact: The human species has always been, and may always be, comprised of tribes scattered about the world. When tribes grow large they split into smaller tribes. Each tribe chooses its leader, god, rituals, and rules. Each tribe fights to maintain its way of life irregardless of human rights or regard for living in harmony with an environment that narrowly allows life. Today, United States citizens have available resources, if they choose to use them, These resources include a sustaining environment, freedom, independence, and a Constitution supported by Federalist Papers written by Hamilton, Jay, and Madison. 

World nations can chose between a path of reason, based on citizen established constitutional law, or a path of tribal law based on subsurvience to self appointed tribal leaders. Reason tells us that a constitution based world would benefit the common welfare. But, the world is divided into tribes that are successfully destroying any hope of advancing the common welfare of world nations. World citizens are increasingly aware that primitive tribes, such as ours, are destroying any hope of building nations based on constitutional foundations that provide security and hope for the future. Today, American tribes include the Democratic Party, Republican Party, Independent Party, and numerous religious tribes. Each tribe struggles with fractures within tribes and families. The cumulative effect is a failure to effectively function as a nation faced with excessive challenges. All states fail to meet basic constitutional law expectations. For example, Utah has a history of using tribal power to punish citizens that fail to follow tribal religious demands. Failure to meet these demands has consequences that threaten family, social, government, and business relationships. Constitutional law minimizes much of this punishment. However, minorities not protected by constitutional law are subjected to punishment.  does not guard against punishing weaker minorities such as gays, equal rights for women, and children. Unfortunately, Utah leaders aren't held accountable because citizens of Utah have become irrelevant. Yet, Utah leaders continue to pretend the Constitution and citizens are still relevant. 

How do Utah citizens transition from tribal law to constitutional law? They must first declare their independence from tribal law and commit to constitutional law. Utah must be that state that leads, by example, the United States and all nations into the future. Utah must lead by demonstrating that constitutional law, if followed, yields the following:?????
The Bible, Constitution, and Federalist Papers are documents citizens and leaders wants to have read, comprehended, and committed to, while in reality, few wants to read, comprehend, or commit to. Citizens, religious and elected government leaders expectations are extremely high, while commitment to the Bible, Constitution, and related principles are critically low. High expectations without commitment defines our current State of the Union.

Given the State of the Union and the World we can surely agree that enlightenment occurs when we become independent, committed, and willing to actively use reason, imagination, and observation to gain insight, experience, and accountability for our behavior. Bible principles were incorporated in the Constitution. The Constitution grants rights, defines responsibilities, and holds citizens accountable for enforcing them. 

Those that advocate adherence to the checks and balances, principles, and requirements of these documents are shunned by partisan political parties. Partisan political parties fabricate false information and use all forms of media to rally their base to act witlessly on issues that have little or no meaning for the common welfare. Meaningless distractions and low priority issues are used to avoid addressing high priority challenges that are critical to the future of the nation. All citizens and leaders now realize they are caught in the grip of primitive tribal instincts that have always lead to the downfall of societies, nations, and civilizations.

Wanting humans working together for the common welfare may be expecting more than the human specie is capable of delivering. Perhaps, sometime in the distant future human enlightenment may reach a level that will allow the Bible, Constitution, and Federalist Papers to serve the common welfare. Until then we must make an effort to achieve a level of enlightenment and commitment that allows support for constitutions, checks and balances, and principles dedicated to the common welfare of all citizens.

Following the signing and ratification of the Constitution, elected leaders realized that citizens were't qualified, or interested, in participating in the governing process. Governing grew increasingly complex. The formation of political parties empowered each to use intimidation to control when and how, with rare exceptions, each congressman and senator would vote. Power and control of government passed from citizens and their elected leaders to partisan political parties. Partisan politics drove each party to avoid contact and meet separately, at different times and locations, to define the strategy required to empower themselves. This divide between partisan political parties drives political splits at all levels of society: First, splits began within families, counties, and states. Second, splits between political parties. Third, splits within each political party, Forth, splits between and within religious institutions.

World nations, dependent on a functional and responsible United States, are stunned and fearful as they watch the most powerful nation in the world becoming divided, dysfunctional, and fiscally challenged. The United States struggles to govern itself and remain relevant as a world leader capable of leading all nations to face global social and environmental challenges.

Wanting humans working together for the common welfare may be expecting more than the human specie is capable of delivering. Perhaps, sometime in the distant future human enlightenment may reach a level that will allow the Bible, Constitution, and Federalist Papers to serve the common welfare. Until then we must make an effort to achieve a level of enlightenment and commitment that allows support for constitutions, checks and balances, and principles dedicated to the common welfare of all citizens.
The United States, thanks to the Founding Fathers, evolved from thirteen tribal colonies into a realm never envisioned in the history of Homo sapiens. They were gifted with a Constitution that, if followed, could free all world citizens from tyranny and provide freedom, independence, prosperity, and peace. The United States became a beacon of hope for humans trapped in a multitude of warring tribes. Sadly, the United States commitment to the Constitution  weakened and addiction to tribal law returned. United States citizens chose tribal law and joined those tribes that drive the conflict and chaos we have always experienced. United States tribes still dominate the world as we know it.
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