Chapter Ten - The Future of Civilization


Global Civilization Crisis-----My View


This website,, is designed for world citizens seeking independence of thought, reasoning, and the freedom to act independently of special interests that seek to control what you do, how you act, and what you believe. Hopefully, this website leads to purpose, meaning, and hope for world citizens seeking a moderate and sustaining civilization. It's important to recognize that citizens, given freedom, liberal educations, and a moderate society reach a higher level of enlightenment, than those trapped in extremist sects-religions-cultures-tribes-and nations driven by extremely divided government and religious leaders. The greatest roadblock to enlightenment is extreme religious beliefs that God created millions of universes, galaxies, and planets for his pleasure and a need to be idolized-worshipped-having endless religions established with differing temples, doctrines, and degrees of worship.

As a child, my beliefs were formed in a one room church, where local farmers preached based on their understanding of the Bible and Jesus Christ's sermons. I view God encouraging humankind to be good neighbors-generous-principled-forgiving-and an example for all. I don't see God needing or seeking aggrandizement from his followers- I do see God as desiring followers to be guardians of his planet's environment and human respect and care for the quality of life for all citizens of this planet. Many primitive people worship God based on faith in creation and the expectation of an afterlife while more enlightened peoplet choose evolution based on scientific studies of an all encompassing infinite energy field that controls all forms of matter and life-including the environment and humankind. This extreme belief in Gods destroyed tribes and nations and ultimately all past civilizations.The ultimate goal is to construct a future,based on enlightened world citizens dedicated to understanding evolution and the need for a moderate and sustainable global civilization. Enlightenment for world citizens begins by attaining human rights-freedom-liberal education-and an environment that sustains life while allowing an opportunity to lead natural lives that form personal values-marriage-children-and human rights for each citizen of every tribe and nation.

This infinite field of energy encompasses all universes and gave us a planet we call home. The evolution of this planet has survived shifting tectonic plates-bombarding meteorites-exploding volcanoes-cyclic environment changes-human degradation of the environment-and possible failure to support life. All past civilizations were destroyed by extremist sociopath leaders that divided instead of uniting tribes and nations. Today, extreme global religious and government leaders continue to divide tribes and nations and destroy any chance of establishing a moderate and sustainable civilization.

Now, it's time to develop advanced quality education programs that assure global children reach a level of enlightenment that allows a majority of global citizens to elect, and hold accountable, moderate leaders that can guide humankind to a moderate sustainable civilization. That goal requires funding-planning-training, and preparing future generations to establish a moderate government that can lead to a sustainable moderate civilization. Global citizens must actively and effectively take responsibility for providing quality lives for themselves, family, and future generations-dependance on primitive gods to protect us from our extreme destructive behavior is irrational and unreasonable-science has advanced to a degree that primitive concepts of God are receding as new generations seek a calm and rational world in which all live quality lives in a science driven world. Our science driven world faces human and environmental challenges that require humans taking responsibility for the future.



All tribes and nations goals are to establish moderate governments that serve the common welfare, respects the planets environment, and living in harmony with nature and one another-meeting these goals assures a sustainable civilization so long as this all encompassing infinite field of energy permits. 


Planet Earth Origin-An Encompassing Infinite Energy Field-Source Unknown

Per Wikamedia, the multiverse (or meta-universe) is the hypothetical set of finite and infinite possible universes, including the universe in which we live. Together, these universes comprise everything that exists: the entirety of space, time, matter, energy, and the physical laws and constants that describe them.

Exploding Black Holes Generate Universes-Galaxies-Stars-Planets-Which Then Creates New Black Holes

When an object in space has a sufficiently high gravity it becomes a black hole-and nothing, not even light can get out-we are children of the Cosmos

My Vision of God

I see an infinite field of energy that creates, regenerates, and perpetuates all universes, galaxies, planets, and black holes-reason, experience, and human knowledge of science leads me to believe imaginary gods are created by misguided past and present primitive religious leaders taught to use well intentioned primitive doctrine to control the minds and beliefs of those that are subject to their influence. This mindset slowed and eroded the pursuit of enlightenment and knowledge of science. Advances in science, technology, and enlightenment has yet to eliminate a primitive need to believe, worship, and follow the doctrine, rituals, and construction of temples required by extreme national and religious leaders seeking control, power, and obedience of followers subject to their absolute dominance and control. Humankind lives in perpetual conflict and chaos because extreme sociopaths did and still do control many global tribes, states, and nations that refuse to allow any form of democratic government to interfere with their control and domination over their subjects lives-such is the state of humankind today.

Evolution of Life on Planet Earth

Before humankind, animals thrived for many millions of years. Humans at the Homo level appeared only very recently, following tens of millions of years of evolution among the Old World primates per EDward O. Wilson, The Meaning of Human Existance. "The definitive part of the long creation story evidently began with the primitive Homo habilis (or a species closely related to it" two million years ago. Prior  to the habilines the  prehumans had been animals. "Instead, we are self-made, independent, alone, and fragile, a biological species adapted to live in a biological world."

"The Meaning of Human Existence" by Edward O. Wilson is generally recognized as one of the several leading biologists in the world. He is acknowledged as the creator of two scientific disciplines (island, biogeography and sociobiology), three unifying concepts for science and the humanities jointly (biophilia, biodiversity studies and Consilience), and one major technological advance in the  study of global biodiversity (The Encylopedia of Life). Among more than one hundred awards he has received worldwide  are the U.S. National Medal of Science,the Crafoord Prize (equivalent of the Nobel, for ecology) of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the International Prize of Biology of Japan: and in letters, two Pulitzer Prizes in nonfiction, the Nonino and Serono Prizes of Italy, and the COSMOS prize of Japan. He is currently Honorary Curator in Entomology and University Research Professor Emeritus, Harvard University. Comment: taken from "About the Author"

In "The Meaning of Human Existence" by Edward O. Wilson-P184 he stated "The cost to society as a whole of the bowed head has been enormous. Evaluation is a fundamental part of the universe, not just in living organisms, but everywhere, at every level. Its analysis is vital to biology, including medicine, microbiology, and agronomy. Furthermore psychologyanthropology, and even the history of religion itself makes no sense without evolution as the key component followed through the passage of time. The explicit denial of evolution presented as a part of a "creation science"is an outright falsehood, the adult equivalent of plugging one's ears, and a deficit to any society that chooses to acquiesce in this manner to a fundamentalist faith." 

In "God and the Multiverse-Humanities Expanding View of the Cosmo" Victor J Stenger-P377 states "Religion claims to teach us humility. But it really trades in a false pride, telling people they are the children of God, that they are the center of the Universe and the reason for its existence-that they'll live forever if they just follow instructions." He also states "Even though magical thinking and hubris may still destroy us, we can hope that our unique abilities will lead  to a better future".




The Emergence of Primitive Homo sapiens


The Concept of God

Individual Tribes

Collective Tribes

Tribes within nations

Tribes within civilizations



Sociopath Organization of Religious Institutions-The Dark  Ages

The Age of Human Enlightenment allowed the Design of the United States Constitution

The Constitution Requires Separation of Church and State

The Collapse of Human Enlightenment

Dysfunctional United States and World Nations

Twenty-third Century Age of Human Enlightenment

A Global Society Enlightened and Moderate







The Age of Nuclear, Chemical, and Environmental Destruction

State of our Universe

Primitive and Current State of our Planet

Primitive and Current State of Tribes

Lost Civilizations

Humans are still discovering civilizations lost in the rubble of the past-why is it that each of these powerful past civilizations reversed it's upward trajectory, collapsed inward, and disappeared? All past civilizations rose and advanced on the premise that powerful tribal leaders would creat cultures based on faith and obedience to gods created by sciocopaths seeking absolute power and control over the lives of all humans. In our current civilization, the United States rose to global economic and military power by establishing a Constitutional Republic Constitution that protects all Amercan citizens rights and privileges, while allowing freedom to worship within the boundaries of Constitutional law. However, over time our civilization is the first to face a future hovering on the brink of disintegrating United States, tribal, and national societies and a planet facing a near fatal world nuclear holocaust.  

Current Civilization

World citizens have experienced the tragedies driven by sociopaths that have charmed their way to ultimate power over citizens, governments, tribes, and entire nations-sociopaths have been a way of life since primitive tribes. Sociopaths are recognzed by their talent to mesmerize and gain control of all those that oppose them. History, reference the internet, paints a path of terror driven by past and present sociopaths-recognized by the following behavior: extreme intelligence-charming-delusional-inability to love-spontaneous-intense-no shame,remorse or guilt-lie outrageously-dominates others-wins at all costs-poetically inclined-never apologizes-and always knows the truth. Tribes, nations, and religious organizations that know someone like this should be alarmed. The worlds most recognized sociopath is Adoph Hitler. This sociopath used his skills to dominate an advanced and sophisticated Germany and drove world nations into World World II. Adolph Hitler is only one of many national leaders that have gained absolute power over dysfunctional nations. Today, our planet is exposed to national sociopathic leaders that have the power to wreak havoc around the world.

World physicists tell us we inhabit a planet in one of many universes. We may be the only existing form of life with the ability to reason, imagine, and develop complex systems. We are Homo sapient with a passion to understand our origin and our purpose for being. We create our own Gods and we are our own demons. Our negative impact on the environment and all other life is a result of our extremely bad judgement and behavior.nnnnnnWe can surely agree that enlightenment occurs as we become independent and free to actively use reason, imagination, and observation to gain insight, experience, and accountability. The United States Constitution, Christians say divinely inspired, grants this right and holds citizens responsible for being knowledgeable, active, and accountable for enforcing all Constitution laws and principles.  A majority of United States Citizens recognize they are unable to be accountable for their Constitution. Our political leaders have long observed, and perhaps rightfully concluded, that the human race is not prepared to accept this level of responsibility. Therefore, our past and present leaders see no need to require and acquaint citizens with their Constitution and citizen responsibilities. Citizen Constitution responsibilities should be mandatory and taught at every grade level in high schools, colleges, and universities. This Constitution needs a giant leap in the enlightenment of United States Citizens. World nations that see the United States honoring, following, and living up to the requirements and responsibilities of their own Constitution may gain the incentive to follow.

Today, national and universal issues and challenges are acknowledged. The fact is, world leaders and citizens are caught in a trap, of their own making, from which they refuse to escape. Citizens lack the education, enlightenment, and the desire to unite and escape their dependence on, and addiction to, primitive cultures, partisan political parties, religious institutions, and accelerating technological advances. The valuable time necessary to think, act, define, and support goals and policies elected leaders must follow is missing. Citizens are overwhelmed by the advances of technology. Leaders lack an enlightened and supportive base from which to act in the best interest of the common welfare.nnnThe current state of the world tells us we need an advanced form of enlightenment to motivate citizens and leaders of all nations to accept constitutional republic forms of government. We must expedite enlightenment in every way we can. The challenge is to reach a level of enlightenment that would allow and sustain constitution checks and balances that limit the harm knowingly perpetuated by all levels of society. Today, the United States State of the Union reflects a powerful vast economic and military power that has allowed corrupt partisan political parties, supported by citizens, to divide the nation and weaken the basic foundation of the Constitution and related principles. There is no justification for national leaders, supported by secular and Christian citizens, driving this nation into a dysfunctional state that threatens the future of  the United States and all world nations.

World Nations

United States-Divided, Dysfunctional, Frozen in Time

The United States Constitution is the greatest form of constitutional republic government ever established. Many say divinely inspired. By following this Constitution, the United States could continue to be a beacon of light to all world nations. That light has grown dim-meeting Constitution requirements is no longer the goal. Instead, the new goal is a return to global tribal law followed by mass terror and chaos. The Federalist Papers, intentionally not taught, offers a guide to understanding the necessity of following the Founding Fathers Constitution, constitutional principles, and the theories behind their words. Thomas Jefferson called The Federalist Papers "the best commentary on the principles of government...ever written." British political philosopher Jon Stuart Mill agreed, adding that The Federalist Papers are "the most instructive treatise we possess on federal government." Alexis de Tocqueville called the collection "an excellent book, which ought to be familiar to the statesmen of all countries." In 1821, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Marshall described the Federalist Papers as "a complete commentary on our Constitution." Today, may be your first knowledge of The Federalist Papers. My impression is that political, education, and religious leaders see no benefit in acquainting citizens with their Constitution. That would explain why the electorate is basically illiterate in regard to the Constitution and The Federalist Papers. Our leaders would rather interpret them to serve their own narrow ideological ends. The State of the Union tells the rest of the story.

The Constitution is designed to assist world citizens seeking enlightenment and a better understanding of the United States. Simply put, enlightenment is living in harmony with oneself and the environment. The scientific revolution produced the Age of Reason, the Age of Enlightenment, and the Age of Analysis. Enlightenment is defined as the era of philosophy, intellectual, scientific and cultural life. These are the attributes required to become a responsible citizen under a constitutional republic form of government where all power rests with citizens that delegate specific powers to government functions and hold them accountable. A constitutional republic form of government requires enlightened citizens, using checks and balances, to protect citizens from the dark side of human nature. Citizens knowledgeable of their government must participate in establishing, implementing, and holding government accountable. Today, citizens fail to meet these responsibilities. Political parties, with citizen support, have become addicted to partisan politics that abort the Constitution. 


World Nations

There is a desperate need for the education, experience, and enlightenment to prepare youth for the lives they have to live. Youth must be free to cherish gifts of art, music, and wisdom from past generations. Youth independence coupled with reason, imagination, and enlightenment is a function of education, experience, and living in harmony with nature.nnThe future welfare of all nations is dependent on citizens living healthy and principled lives in a sustainable environment. Humans have excelled and exceeded all liberal art and science boundaries. The secrets of the micro and macron world are rapidly identified. Universal boundaries exceeded. Science boundaries are expanding. The secrets of the micro and macron world are being identified. Space travel boundaries are exceeded. Sadly, humans have also exceeded all depravity boundaries. The future is enhanced when believers and non-believers design, follow, and are accountable for a form of government that limits the harm caused by the dark side of human nature. The United States Constitution provided such a government. Human and natural resources are ready and available to meet goals and challenges. Sadly, enlightened human resources are to few to make a difference. The future of civilization depends on new generations of educated and enlightened world citizens capable of holding themselves and their government leaders accountable.

It's important to study the behavior of societies as they adapted to life over past centuries. Given the State of the World today, what lessons did society learn over centuries of positive and negative behavior? In today's global environment nation's citizens and government leaders still fail to provide the leadership necessary to form lasting alliances and bonds between tribes, cultures, races, and religions. United States secular and Christian citizens still fail to negotiate a common bond that would allow a majority of citizens to negotiate their differences and provide guidence and support to their elected government leaders. In the process of becoming a powerful leader one becomes trapped in a web from which there is no escape. Leading a volatile nation composed of various tribes, cultures, and invaribly political and religious institutions one realizes critical differences cannot be reconciled. At that point there is no positive exit strategy. Most leaders of world nations are faced with variations of this dilemma. The United States is no exception. It's a tragic human condition that drives continous world conflict, chaos, and suffering. The bright side is the human capacity for reasoning, imagination, and recognizing the beauty experienced through the environment, arts, science, and the capacity to love and care for one another.

Christian and secular expectations must merge and become realistic as enlightenment and knowledge reaches all inhabitants around the world. No one nation stands out as a beacon of light to all other nations. The United States must renew it's pledge to be that beacon of light that provides hope for all world nations. This is not an impossible dream. It can be reality provided we follow a constitutional republic form of government. There is no other way. It is not logical to believe a power greater then ourselves intentionally created a dark side of human nature.  Continuous desecration of the planet and all life was and still is driven by humans that refuse to be accountable for their bad judgement and behavior. Believers and non-believers are equally responsible for holding each other accountable to to the Constitution and universal truths.The struggle to fulfill the demands of the Constitution began the day the Constitution was signed and continues through today.  Periods of  national highs followed by decades of recent lows  brought about the dysfunctional State of the Union we face today. We are on a slippery slope when we believe the dark side of human nature cannot be limited.  Continuous desecration of the planet and all life was and still is driven by humans that refuse to be accountable.  Believers and non-believers are equally responsible for holding all accountable to the Constitution.nnnThe future of all nations is dependent on the United States having a sustainable economy and a functional government. Sadly, the United States lacks these qualities. The State of the Union speaks for itself. The Founding Fathers Constitution opened the door to a freedom never dreamed of by past generations. Today, we realize the Constitution demands more than politicians or citizens are willing to give. Citizens live and participate in a fantasy world believing that they are meeting Founding Fathers Constitution, related principles, and their own personal and spiritual expectations. Leaders and citizens have a mutual distrust and fear of one another.

This Book suggests that citizens of all nations prepare themselves to embrace a way of life that requires constitutional republic forms of government, advancement of education and enlightenment, and freedom from primitive cultures and beliefs that drive partisan political parties, religious institutions, and special interests to use extreme measures that are destructive to families, societies, and governments. There are several reasons for this Book.First, is to define why nations are in crisis. Second, is to define universal issues critical to our future. Third, is to identify and resolve critical United States issues critical to it’s future. Forth, is to show why our civilization faces a critical turning point. Fifth, is to show how world citizens can gain empowerment and establish governments of their own choosing. Sixth, is to propose a universal mission statement. Seventh, is to propose a United States mission statement that gives unity, purpose, and direction to citizens. Eighth, is to secure the future of civilization as we pursue a path that leads to a rising civilization where all world citizens are accountable for the quality of life of all world citizens. 

Are United States Citizens proud of the State of the Union?  Are citizens pleased they gave all their power to partisan political parties that control how their leaders vote and act. Do secular and Christian Citizens respect the government leaders they elect and maintain in office. No. Do citizens respect themselves? Do citizens set good examples for their children? Should the nations objectives and goals be to form and follow a constructive path that optimizes quality life for all United States and world citizens? Yes. Should citizens strive to be an inspiration to future generations? yes. Do rapid advances of technology allow for a peaceful transition of cultures, races, and beliefs. No. Critical clashes are inevitable. Are we taking time to cherish and nourish those senses that inspire and elevate our positive nature as we adapt to rapidly advancing technology? Do secular and Christian citizens have the necessary restraint to control addictions to all forms of drugs, obesity, and media and computer abstractions? No. A global cataclysmic evolution is taking place and it is messy. What are government and religious leaders for if they fail to lead citizens through these critical stages? Citizens cannot lead, will not follow, and refuse to define and agree on a constructive path they would be willing to follow and support? They obviously refuse to support the Constitution, religious, and innate principles. The examples and principles established by Jesus Christ and all other ancient prophets and wise men have failed to motivate a majority willing to commit, act, or be accountable. The last hope is that United States or world citizens reach a stage of enlightenment where they alone decide too commit to all the above because it pleasures them to do so. We can all hope that time is near.

Our lives are guided by changes in expectations. Prior to development of  thirteen English colonies, in North America, people had little acquaintance with freedom, independence, and high expectations. Alone, on a new continent, immigrants realized their independence and the need to provide for themselves.  This independence drove thirteen colonies to adopt and fight for a constitutional republic form of government, that if followed, would be accountable for meeting Constitution  requirements. This Constitution was the greatest human rights advancement ever experienced. The thirteen colonies  ratified and accepted responsibility for the Constitution. United States leaders and citizens immediately recognized that their Constitution requirements and principles demanded what they were unwilling to give. Leaders realized the futility of teaching citizens Constitution requirements, responsibilities, and principles.

Utah-My View

As our planet's tectonic plates shifted over time they left Utah with a magical geological landscape of extreme diversity and beauty. Imigration by Mormons created an extreme religious state controlled by Brigham Young who tolerated no dissent from Joseph Smiths understanding of God's  will. The United States offer of statehood and Constitutional law was accepted-that set in motion a bitter struggle between compliance to Mormon religious beliefs or the United States Constitution. That struggle continues even as a disallusioned electorate abandon failed political parties for lack of leadership and replace them with a President that is a known socipathwith a warped vision of the nation's and the world's common welfare-as all face a potentual nuclear war.   

Utah is also an extreme religious state, dominated by leaders committed to enforcing their religious beliefs-even as they are trapped in a high energy technological world that is immersed in advanced scientific studies that identify the laws of the universe and multi-universes that require knowledge of quantum mechanics. Utah is a state defined by an extreme devotion to meeting the expectations of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. Prophet  Joseph Smith said: "I told the brethren that  the Book of Mormon was the most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than any other book."  According to the Book of Mormon the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints is the Lord's kingdom once again established on the earth, preparatory to the second coming of the Messiah.  Graduating Mormon youth spread the Mormon gospel to all corners of the earth seeking converts, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir rapidly became a popular Sunday morning choir known to the world, and the enormous expansion of Mormon Tabernacles across the United States and around the world reflect reflect the rapid advance of the B00k of Mormon. 

The Book of Mormon tells the world, "Those who gain this divine witness from the Holy Spirit will also come to know by the same power that Jesus Christ is ths Savior of the world, that Joseph Smith is the revelater and prophet in these last days, and that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lord's kingdom once again established on the earth, preparatory to the second coming of the messiah". This church is a remnant of primitive tribes committed to their view of God's law even as they are embedded in foreign governments with differing views of governing-the United States is legally committed to a Constitutional Republic form of government that requires separation of church and state. This same contradiction is driving the conflict and chaos taking place around the planet. A moderate civilization cannot be sustained when primitive differing views of God are intertwined  in national despotic governments that refuse to allow basic human rights for their subjects.

Utah alligence to the United States Constitition pales in comparison to it's support for religious doctrine and partisan politics that violate the principles and intent of a constitutional republic form of government. The United States Constitution is dependent on it's citizens level of enlightenment. World citizens level of enlightenment is a function of each citizens tribe, culture, degree of freedom, and access to sources of knowledge gained through the ages. Utah is shaped by a culture that encompasses extreme primitive religious concepts-advanced science, culture, art, and media communities-and a large secular population. This diversity of interests is governed by a partisan political party elected, dominated, and controlled by unelected officials that control the Church of Latter-day Saints-leaving little allegience to the common welfare of Utah citizens or the United States Constitution. The disregard for Utah citizens is manifested by their contempt for their elected leaders. This contempt for United States leaders was demonstrated by frustrated citizens electing a world class sciopath during this last election. Utah is a microcosm of the extreme behavior manifested by humankind now living on this planet.




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