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State of the United States and all nations: Reasonable humans recognize that irrational and extreme human behavior reduces values, morality, and generates corruption at all levels of society. This erosion generates continuous conflict and chaos that threaten the near and long future term future of our civilization-bear in mind, that all past civilizations eventually collapsed for these reasons. When citizen negative behavior exceeds positive behavior a civilization will regress, become a liability, and quality of life will become unbearable-government and religious sociopathic behavior leads to higher crime, murder, and suicide rates.  World citizens require a more productive path to the future. Let's  begin: 


         Civilizationascent .Org-An Enlightened Bridge to the Future      11-19-17

Book Title: Birth: Civilization-Enlightenment-A Bridge to the Future (copyrights@TXu 1-898-101, December 26, 2012


I began this book by publishing, managing and organizing a wide variety of content on a website. Drupal is an open source software maintained and developed by a community of hundreds of thousands of users and developers. Drupal is a cutting-edge platform that supports the latest technologies that the Web has to offer. The website is written in book form and provides a Table of Contents that allows any reader to select any topic of interest. The goal is to motivate each reader's interest in the welfare of their nation and all nations as they participate in the development of a moderate self sustaining global civilization.

Jerry B. Lucky                                                                   



Born dyslexic in the remote village of Peewee, West Virginia during the depression era-07-13-31. Born energetic and eager to joyfully engage living life through my formative years of opportunity, education-marriage-career, and life experiences. Upon retirement at age 65 I chose to continue oil painting and training to become a professional  global journalist concentrating on the United States Constitution and Federalist Papers written by Hamilton, Jay, and Madison. These studies led to globalization studies of critical issues that challenge the survival of humankind. 

The Table of Contents on this Website reflects how it was designed and implemented over the last thirty years-I retired at age sixty five. After retirement, I concentrated on state, national, and global challenges that threaten the common welfare of all humankind and an environment that may soon fail to support life on this planet. For a summary view of the future of our current civilization go to, Chapter Ten.

I am a member of a human race that evolved from primitive tribes that mergedover time, to villages-cities-provinces-nations, and civilizations. During the evolution of humankind, civilization after civilization, rose and collapsed due to the flawed nature and destructive behavior of humankind. Each civilization was characterized by slavery, poverty, and government and religious corruption and abuse-followed by the collapse of each and every following civilization. As humankind expanded over all regions of the planet the rise of enlightenment, education, and science allowed increasing levels of human rights, freedom, and advanced forms of governments such as the United States Constitution, a constitutional republic form of government. I am a child of that form of government. Sadly, United States citizens have allowed its government and religious institutions to create political and economic policies that fail to serve the common welfare of the nation or the community of nations. As a result, the United States has failed to become a beacon of hope for all humanity.



How does the United States and the community of nations hope to achieve a sustainable moderate civilization? Certainly not by pursuing the same fatal mistakes that destroyed all past civilizations. The Gods of all past failed civilizations did not fail-the people failed. First, I believe we humans must behave responsibly if we are to gain the respect and trust of one another. I am committed to all citizens that can rise above dependence on institutional Gods and  do what we have the natural and human resources to accomplish-enough excuses for our own failure to commit. Second, after centuries of abusing our environment, we must dedicate ourselves to becoming caretakers of our planet environment and living in harmony with our environment. Third, reason tells us a community of united nations working together to meet economic, societal, and governing goals is the only possible way to meet current and future global challenges-no one nation can survive alone. The ultimate goal is a moderate self sustaining global civilization. 


When attempting to understand the evolution of life in a complex universe, be prepared to change your understanding of what you have been  taught or led to believe. Recognize that such a quest merely reflects curiosity about how life has lived and survived through the ages. Enlightenment leads to understanding and awareness of the significance of life in respect to this all encompassing infinite energy field that surrounds humankind. In this context you become dependent on those that have made science their life work. At some level you leave dependence on others and become independent and responsible for your own understanding of life in respect to your environment.

In the process of becoming a powerful leader one can become trapped in a web from which there is no escape. Leading a volatile nation composed of various tribes, cultures, and extreme political and religious institutions one realizes critical differences cannot be reconciled. At that point there is no positive exit strategy. Most leaders of world nations are faced with variations of this dilemma. The United States is no exception. It's a tragic human condition that drives continous world conflict, chaos, and suffering with no future exit in sight. The bright side is the human capacity for recognizing the beauty experienced through the environment, arts, science, and the capacity to love and care for one another.

The rapid growth of science and enlightenment drives radical changes as religious institutions knowledge of science evolves and drive positive changes in religious beliefs, doctrine, and rituals. 

Life begins with questions about the mystery of life and how it began. Most of what we see, and think we know, is speculation. We do know humans are divided by their view of the universe and how life came to be. The challenge is to minimize differences and emphasize the positive side of human nature. In order to meet this challenge, world citizens must participate in a dialogue that leads to understanding, trust, and compassion for one’s beliefs, cultures, and struggles to live with dignity. Therefore, this document is about world citizen enlightenment, expectations, and positive behavior.

Using reason and independence of thought, an enlightened observer of the universe, planet earth, and all life, as it is lived today, has an opportunity to form a clear picture of world societies and how they function. Until we become enlightened we must make our own world society observations and hope they are valid. Fortunately, we have history and experience to enlighten us. Being obligated to political, religious, and various institutions is no excuse for yielding one’s ability to reason, one’s independence of thought, and one’s ability to act independently and responsibly. But, who can say any of us meet this criteria. The reader must be the final judge.

Human nature makes relationships fragile. A relationship can be as simple as an unspoken contract between oneself and one’s expectation. Another relationship can be between oneself and the environment. In today’s world, destructive relationships between governments, cultures, and religions pose challenges that are difficult and perhaps impossible to resolve. Political parties, religious institutions, and special interests seeking power, influence, and control have powerful incentives to relieve citizens of their independence of thought, resoning, and  ability to act out of stheir own innate senses of right and wrong. The State of the World attests to that fact. The dysfunctional United States is one example of their overwhelming success.

If this document is to succeed, it must provide citizen insight to those life choices that make them venerable to becoming controlled by those that would enlist them to follow paths that fail to provide the rapture of living and the state of being in harmony with mother earth and oneself . The future of humans requires both. A feeling of separateness from oneself , nature, and world citizens is a recipe for failure. Global technology and instant communication no longer permits it. Ancient principles handed down by the wise men of all ages are still with us and ageless. The human challenge is to live by them. Human failure to do so defines our true nature and lack of commitment to meet even basic human principles and expectations. 


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